Carolyn Edwards

Carolyn Edwards joined the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra second violin section in 1987.

By the time she was three, she knew she wanted to become a violinist. Her musical family (trumpeter father, pianist mother (who earned a Bachelor of Music degree at the age of 72), a sister who would become a professional violinist and a brother who would marry one) took her to many Detroit Symphony concerts and encouraged her to learn the piano--which she did reluctantly. After her grandfather's death, the family discovered his violin hidden away in the attic and Carolyn began violin lessons.

Carolyn Edwards, who also holds a B.A. in Art History from Smith College, studied music at Cass Tech in Detroit, the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia and Boston University. Her principal teachers included Michael Avsharian, Ivan Galamian and Joseph Silverstein.

She has served as assistant principal violin with the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra and principal second violin with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra. In Boston she played in the Boston Ballet and Boston Pops Esplanade orchestras, the Boston Opera Company, Boston Lyric Opera and Boston Concert Opera. For several years she was a member of the New Hampshire Symphony and Harvard Chamber Orchestra.

Beyond music, her interests include art, architecture, ice skating and environmental issues.