Pre- Concert Performances

Heinz Hall hosts an eclectic mix of pre-concert performances that enhance the concert-going experience for all patrons, and showcases community musicians in the elegant spotlight of the Grand Lobby. For information on performing before a PSO concert at Heinz Hall, please read the Pre-Concert Performance Info Sheet below and fill out a Pre-Concert Performance Inquiry

Pre-concert performances will return to the Grand Lobby of Heinz Hall in January 2022. Please note submissions are currently being accepted, but pre-concert performance availability begins with January 2022 performances.


Download Pre-Concert Performance Info Sheet (PDF)

Available Facility

Grand Lobby
The Grand Lobby of Heinz Hall hosts thousands of concert goers each year. The Lobby features a 50-foot-high vaulted Venetian ceiling supported by ornate columns, and serves as the perfect setting for a small group performance to serenade guests before they move to the main hall. The Grand Lobby offers 20' x 15' performance space and is available for 30 minutes prior to most musical events at Heinz Hall. Some fees may apply.

To request more information or inquire about your pre-concert performance submit a Pre-Concert Performance Inquiry.

General Policies

For more than 120 years, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra has been an essential part of Pittsburgh's cultural landscape. The Pittsburgh Symphony, known for its artistic excellence, is credited with a rich history of the world's finest conductors and musicians, and a strong commitment to the Pittsburgh region and its citizens.

Our Vision :: Great Music in Every Life
Our Mission :: To engage, enrich, and inspire through unparalleled live musical experiences
Our Values :: Excellence – Inclusivity – Integrity – Celebration/Enjoyment

In order to facilitate the vision, mission, and values held by the PSO, we ask that all pre-concert performers observe the listed guidelines.

The performing group acknowledges responsibility for the actions of all artists, students, guests, staff of performing group, as well as other participants in the event. You must inform all participants of the enclosed policies prior to their entering Heinz Hall. The event contact must be present or ensure that an authorized representative is present in Heinz Hall at all times during the pre-concert performance.
Performing groups are responsible for all fees relevant to their event. All individuals and organizations must pay these costs, regardless of formal or informal ties to academic, administrative, or professional units of the Pittsburgh Symphony.


Heinz Hall is professionally operated and a valuable musical arts facility in the Pittsburgh community. As an organization with significant capabilities and a multi-faceted mission, the PSO will consider all requests in the context of the PSO's ongoing activities and overall programming as well as its financial obligations and the availability of resources. The PSO reserves the right to cancel any pre-concert performances for any reason.

Pre-concert Performance Inquiries will be accepted up to one year prior to the date requested. Requests further in advance than one year or less than three months in advance will be at the discretion of the PSO.

Application and Notification
We ask all interested parties to submit a Pre-Concert Performance Inquiry. A member of our team will be in contact with you within a few days to discuss the opportunities available to you.

Ticketing Requirement

Ticketing Requirement
All guests who enter Heinz Hall for a pre-concert performance, whether performing or attending the pre-concert performance, will be required to have a ticket to that day’s PSO concert in order to enter the building. This includes performers, parents, friends, etc. Up to five individuals who perform as part of the pre-concert performance will receive a complimentary ticket. Any performers beyond five and any additional guests, family members, friends, and staff must purchase a ticket. Our ushers are not able to allow access to Heinz Hall without a valid ticket.

Tickets can be purchased for your event date, online with a discount code, that will be distributed upon confirmation of your Heinz Hall pre-concert performance. Tickets can also be purchased at the box office the day of your performance. Please note that pre-concert performance discounts cannot be applied at the box office window. Ticket purchase will only be available once the event is on sale to the public.


The PSO does not charge a hall rental fee for the use of the Grand Lobby for any pre-concert performances. See Ticketing for purchasing requirements for pre-concert performances.

In no case shall the PSO be responsible for any expenses related to a pre-concert performance. The performer and/or organization is solely responsible for all expenses related to its performance.

Piano Tuning Fee
It can be arranged, in certain instances, that an upright piano be available for your utilization. The use of a piano is not guaranteed. A fee of $100 will be required for the tuning of the piano. This fee is required to be paid on the date of your performance. Payment can be made by check or cash only. Checks can be made out to "Pittsburgh Symphony, Inc."

Event Logistics

Event Timing
Pre-concert performances are limited to 30 minutes of playing time. Pre-concert performances adhere to the following time table:

Friday/Saturday BNY Mellon Grand Classics: 7 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. (8:00pm concert start)
Friday/Saturday PNC Pops: 7:15 p.m. – 7:45 p.m. (8:00pm concert start)
Sunday BNY Mellon Grand Classics: 1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. (2:30pm concert start)
Sunday PNC Pops: 1:45 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. (2:30pm concert start)

Performance Day
Remember, anyone wishing to enter Heinz Hall MUST have a ticket for the succeeding concert.
A staff member will meet you at the main entrance of Heinz Hall up to two hours before the main concert start time. Your concert tickets will be scanned by the usher at that time.

All extra belongings and instrument cases must be stored in a designated area provided to you. You will be able to access this area before the main concert start time, as well as after the concert. We ensure that your belongings will be kept in a safe and secure place.