New Leadership Council

The New Leadership Council, formerly the New Leadership Board, was formed by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra to assist in education programming and audience development.  The purposes of the NLC are:

1. Develop new audiences for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and create opportunities for continued engagement with existing audiences.
2. Act as an advocate of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.
3. Support the goals of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.
4. Cultivate members of the NLC as committed and educated patrons of orchestra music.

Membership Requirements

1. Annual membership fee:  $75.00.
2. Hold a subscription to a Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra series of any type.
3. Contribute yearly to the Pittsburgh Symphony's Annual Fund.
4. Attend 75% of NLC meetings.
5. Serve on at least one NLC or PSO committee, either ad hoc or standing.

Click here for a printable application.

For more information, email