Considering a Gift of Stock?


When people think about making an Annual Fund gift they usually get out their check books. As you assess your tax-deductible donations, consider the wisdom of making this year's Annual Fund gift to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra from a different asset. Do you know that you can avoid the dreaded capital gains tax by transferring appreciated stock? In addition to being a smart tax move, a stock transfer minimizes market fluctuations, allowing you to maximize your gift to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

Here's How to Give Stock:

1. Call and instruct your broker to electronically transfer shares to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra's Wells Fargo Advisors account. Instructions are:

DTC Number:  0141
Pittsburgh Symphony, Account No. 67362896

2. Call or write to notify us of the donation and date of transfer. The Symphony will do the rest! Stock gifts are valued based on the date of transfer to the Symphony's account. Donors receive credit for the full mean value of the stock at the time of transfer (before brokers' fees are subtracted). If you have any questions call us today at 412.392.4880.

Are You Among the Missing?

Sometimes we receive a gift of stock, but we don't know who it came from. If you don't alert us that the stock will be transferred, we will have the money, but we won't know who to thank for it.

After setting up the stock transfer, make sure to let us know:

  1. Who you are
  2. Name of the stock
  3. Number of shares
  4. Date of transfer

We are still searching for the donors of the following stock gifts. If you transferred any of these stocks to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and have not yet been acknowledged, please call 412.392.4880 to let us know. We want to be able to thank you!

  • PNC – 2012
  • Exxon - 2010

If you have any questions, please click here to send an email to our Development department, or call us today at 412.392.4880.