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Public Disclosure Documents

In accordance with the Internal Revenue Service regulations for public disclosure, the Pittsburgh Symphony is pleased to make copies of its annual tax returns available to the public. In compliance with the rules effective June 8, 1999, copies of the PSO's filed 990 forms for the past three years are available here.

These forms are in a PDF format, and can be viewed using Adobe's Acrobat Reader software. Reader is available for free download from Adobe's home site: http://www.adobe.com. Please reference Adobe's instructions for downloading and installing.

Click on any of the following to download:

2014-2015 Public Disclosure Documents

- 2014-2015 Report on Audits [PDF File, .5MB]
- 2014-2015 Form 990 [PDF File, 1.5MB]
- 2014-2015 Form 990T [PDF File, .5MB]

2013-2014 Public Disclosure Documents

- 2013-2014 Report on Audits [PDF File, .5MB]
- 2013-2014 Form 990 [PDF File, 1.4MB]
- 2013-2014 Form 990T [PDF File, .4MB]

2012-2013 Public Disclosure Documents

- 2012-2013 Report on Audits [PDF File, .5MB]
- 2012-2013 Form 990 [PDF File, 1.0MB]
- 2012-2013 Form 990T [PDF File, .4MB]

2011-2012 Public Disclosure Documents

- 2011-2012 Report on Audits [PDF File, .3MB]
- 2011-2012 Form 990 [PDF File, 3.9MB]
- 2011-2012 Form 990T [PDF File, .8MB]