Our Vision: Great Music in Every Life

Our Mission: To engage, enrich, and inspire through unparalleled live musical experiences

Our Values: Excellence – Inclusivity – Integrity – Celebration/Enjoyment

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion*:

We respect the diversity of our community and human rights of all.
We value diverse perspectives and contributions in the creation of the work and presentation of music we share with our community.
We strive to create a culture of dignity, respect and belonging for all individuals whom we employ, interact with and/or engage, regardless of background or experience.
We recognize that our organization does not equitably represent our community, specifically in regard to people who identify as Black, indigenous and people of color, and we are determined to change this.
We commit to creating a welcoming, accessible, and inclusive environment for all constituencies engaged with the PSO and in Heinz Hall, and will do this with the participation of the entire Board of Directors, staff, musicians, volunteers, and community members.

Who We Serve: We serve the city of Pittsburgh, the residents of Allegheny County as well as residents from a thirteen-county region across Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.  In addition, we serve an international audience through our touring, recording activities and legacy.


*Recommended by the PSO DEAI Task Force and adopted by the Board of Directors, January 2021.