Introducing Fidd Kits!

Fiddlesticks and his friends from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra have put together some hands-on music activities for you to enjoy safely from your home!

Introducing Fidd Kits! Explore music at home with listening adventures, art activities, craft supplies, and fun snack recipes. Also, get to know the instruments of the orchestra with exclusive PSO trading cards! Plus, each Fidd Kit comes with a letter from Fiddlesticks himself, addressed to the music lover of your choosing.

Each Fidd Kit has been specially built to align with each of our previously planned 2020-21 Fiddlesticks Family Concert themes: Fall Into Halloween, Around the World, and Sound All Around.

While the status of each Fiddlesticks concert is still being decided, each Fidd Kit has been designed for ages 3-8 to explore these fun themes at home.

Learn more about each kit: