noun/adjective: A continuously repeated melodic or rhythmical figure or phrase

donation: A monthly gift to the Pittsburgh Symphony to support Great Music in Every Life

The Ostinato Club is the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra’s monthly giving program. Previously known as Music by the Month, the Ostinato Club launches Fall 2023 with a new user-friendly donation platform and special benefits for donors.

What is an ostinato?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an ostinato is a continuously repeated melodic or rhythmical figure or phrase. There are many musical examples of ostinati that you are probably familiar with by Gustav Holst, Maurice Ravel, Hans Zimmer, the White Stripes, and even AC/DC. You can learn more and listen to famous ostinati here.

Why should I join the Ostinato Club?

Philanthropic support is key to maintaining the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and to our ongoing transformation into a premier American orchestra for the 21st century. Ticket sales cover just a small portion of the Symphony’s salaries and expenses. As an Ostinato Club donor your monthly gift has an immediate impact on the orchestra’s programs, people, and thousands of your fellow Pittsburghers. plus...

  • We’ll send you fewer letters
  • You’ll receive an automatic email receipt for every donation, and a summary letter from the Symphony every January of your yearly support
  • Immediate eligibility for our donor benefits upon your first monthly gift
  • Special invitations to exclusive donor events

How do I sign up?

  1. Click here to visit our Ostinato signup form - no username or password required
  2. Click the Recurring tab and select Monthly
  3. Choose one of the standard amounts or select your own monthly amount
  4. Complete the remainder of the form with your credit or debit card – this is the card that will be charged monthly on the date you sign up (e.g. if you sign up on September 3rd, your card will be charged the 3rd of the month)
  5. Click Donate Now
  6. Check your email for a thank you message. Keep this message as it retains an easy login link to update your credit card, change your monthly giving amount, or discontinue your monthly gift.



    Ostinato Club donations support the Symphony’s Annual Fund, which alongside ticket sales and the Endowment fund the organization’s annual operations

    1. Click on the link in your confirmation email to access your donation portal.
    2. Login using a one time password sent to your email account.
    3. Once logged in, you can add a new card, update your current card, or delete a card
    1. Login to your donation portal as described above
    2. Delete your current monthly donation
    3. Create a new monthly donation with your new amount using the instructions earlier on this page
    1. Login to your donation portal as described above
    2. Delete your current monthly donation

    No problem-give us a call at 412.392.4880 or or email us at pso_development@pittsburghsymphiony.org and we'll be happy to help you.